Mechanical seals according to standards

For chemical standard pumps
  For various kinds of chemical standard pumps there are available diverse mechanical seals - according to DIN-, ISO-, ANSI- and worksown standards.
  CHETRA®-seal style 877X for KSB-CPK-pumps
  A widely used chemical standard pump is the CPK-series of KSB-pumps.
To utilize the advantages of a seal design with solid robust cross-sections and other superior design elements, the pre-assembled "877X" is located directly on the pump-shaft.
Pump impeller is clamped by seal shaft sleeve (ref. illustration).

  CHETRA®-mechanical seal style 877X is suitable and fitting into KSB-pumps,
CPK-series (-C1; seal chamber PT1054)
  • double-acting seal
  • cartridge version (with impeller clamping)
  • double-balanced
  • independent of direction of rotation
  • multiple springs (protected)
  • stationary design
  • integrated feed-system
    ("pat." German utility model
    DGM 202 12 246.8)
(based on dim. d2 of seal-chamber PT1054) 25, 35, 45, 55,
65, 80 mm (P02-P08 )
20 bar
25 m/s
Operation: API 52, possibly in connection with API 11 or API 53
  The double-seal 877X is designed for the more demanding sealing job, such as sealing of melts (polyester melt), resins (phenolic) and the like.

However, the economical conception of the seal, allows to utilize it in a universal way, always when a double mechanical seal is needed.

This conecpt als includes:
  • seal shaft sleeve = pump shaft sleeve, i.e. corresponding savings
  • Building alike rotating- and stationary seal-faces simplifies spare-parts logistics and assures interchangeability.

The design-concept includes among others the double-balancing feature, i.e. when the higher barrier fluid pressure is lost the seal remains closed. Also, the seal can be operated as a tandem-seal (with pressureless quench-fluid) or as double-seal with higher barrier fluid pressure.

Stationary design assures optimal operation by means of parallel seal-faces (refer to "The stationary sealing concept").

The "877X"-seal offers a high degree of operational safety and the possibility to reach long service life (high MTBF/MTBR factor).

Prefered materials:
Q1 Q1-silicone carbide / A or B1-carbon respectively
Secondary seals: V (Viton® fluoroelastomers *) ), inboard - if desired - K (Perfluorelastomere)
Metal parts: G1 (1.4571 eq. 316SS)
Other material combinations also available, see material chart

*) Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.