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Sealing tapes
CHETRATEX® ePTFE-gasket tape
"off the coil" - joint sealant - with adhesive back for universal sealing of flanges in all areas of industry

Dimensions (width x hight/non compressed): 3 x 1,5, 5 x 2, 7 x 2,5, 10 x 3,
14 x 5, 17 x 6, 20 x 7 mm;
(special dimensions on request) Spools of 10, 25 and 50 m

pmax: 220 bar (acc. to installation conditions)
pmax (oxygen): 100 bar
pmax (gas supply): 16 bar
t: -240° C...+280° C (310° C short-time)
t (gas supply): -10° C...+50° C
pH: 0 - 14 (except molten or dissolved alkali metals as well as elemental fluorine)

Approvals / tests / correspondences:
Approved and tested by TÜV and BAM (up to oxygen pressures of 100 bar and 90°C) Corresponds with: FDA, DIN2501, ASTMF104/F420001
  • economical gasket tape made of high-quality ePTFE (oriented, expanded material)
  • handy, easy to instal: no punching; the fitting gasket is formed directly off the coil: round, square, longitudinal, uneven etc.
  • universally applicable as static gasket in almost all areas, e.g. heat exchangers, pipelines/flanges, columns, casings - for steel flange, flat or with grooves and spring - for oxygen lines in copper/ copper base alloys (see BAM-approval)
  • Specifically suited for FRP and plastics flanges, glass/graphite devices, sight glasses, ceramics flanges etc. because of its excellent mouldability quality

HI-Density high-performance sealing tape
100 % pure, virgin PTFE- threaded sealing tape for all thread connections, fittings, pipelines/ threaded joints

Dimensions: (width x length) 12.7 mm x 10 m (other dimensions on request)
12 spools per carton

pmax: 175 bar (acc. to mechanical structure of the thread and the temperature pressure)
pmax (oxygen): 50 bar
pmax (natural gas): 7 bar
t: -240° C...+260° C
tmax (oxygen): 60° C
pH: 0-14 (except nitric acid, liquefied gas in the gas phase and liquefied oxygen)

Approvals / tests / correspondences:
DIN-DVGW- test mark (08/99); NV-5143AU0295; Kl.GRp;
acc. to DIN EN 751-3/EDIN30660/KTW

BAM Tgb No. 5421/83/4-1906II (for gaseous oxygen max. 50 bar/ 60°C) Corresponds to FDA; MIL-T-27730A
  • universally applicable - especcially "dense" threaded sealing tape of approx. 0.1 mm thickness for drinking water, hot water, salt water, air, steam, oil, acids and alkaline solutions, natural gas, butane, propane, (Freon=) dichlorodifluoromethane, chlorine, gaseous oxygen, ammonia, fuels, solvents a.m.
  • Applications in pipe systems in the chemical industry, gas and water pipelines, hydraulic lines, pneumatics, in mechanical engineering, in agricultural use etc.

CHETRALON® 100% pure virgin mouldable PTFE packing cord (round) for valves, fittings etc.

Dimensions (Ø x length) 12 spools per carton
2,4 mm x 15,3 m
4 mm x 10,7 m
5,6 mm x 4,6 m
7,1 mm x 2,7 m

pmax: 100 bar ( acc. to mechanical conditions of the aggregate to be sealed)
t: -240° C...+270° C
pmax und tmax (oxygen): 50 bar - 150° C; 30 bar - 200° C
pH: 0-14 (except liquefied oxygen, dissolved alkali metals, fluorine and other various (rarer) halogenated compounds

Approvals / tests:
BAM-tested, TgbNo. 5421/83/4-1906I:
No reservations concerning safety regulations with use of gaseous oxygen within the corresponding range of pressure and temperature
  • CHETRALON® substitutes the conventional square packing, esp. with smaller cross section: coil it into the stuffing box compartment and tighten with gland/follower nut ("50% compressed")
  • "Instant" seal custom-made - excellently mouldable PTFE-core, supported by PTFE spiral casing, guarantees versatile filling of the sealing compartment, at the same time limiting the cold flow - no pressing out of material or "obstruction" of spindle
  • universally applicable in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, mechanical engineering, heating installations, domestic technique, in the agricultural area or with steam use a.o.

CHETRA® MPG mouldable polymer gasket
2- compounds sealing material Polymer (A) and hardening agent (B) for the production of gaskets of all forms and sizes directly at the object to be sealed

1 carton à 2 cartridge cases (400 g)(A) and 2 (185 g) hardening agents (B)

p- range: vacuum - 220 bar (s.b.)
pmax: (after full cure time 2 - 3 h): 220 bar (acc. to mechanical conditions and sealing gap to be bridged)
pmax (immediately after application): 1 bar
pmax(steam): 7 bar
t: -50° C...+260° C
pH: 2-11

Approval/ Correspondence:
Corresponds with FDA-stipulations
  • MPG is a high-quality system for the production of gaskets for most industrial areas of application
  • Unevenness in flanges up to 7 mm can be levelled out - MGP is shape permanent, does not shrink or get warped or off-center
  • easy installation (s. diagram) and disassembly - easy to strip without caking together, goes easy on flanges
  • economical application; no waste, no cutting to size, no punching
  • resistant to water, oils, hydraulic liquids, solvents, chemicals etc. (except concentrated acids and alkaline solutions; (s. pH-range)