Mechanical seals according to design

Gas-lubricated mechanical seals
  Gas-lubricated mechanical seals are mainly used in three areas of application: compressors, liquid-delivering pumps as well as mixer applications in pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

CHETRAŽ gas-lubricated mechanical seals ("pat." German utility model
DGM 202 16587.6) are designed for applications in: mixers, agitators, reactors, driers, filters, autoclaves (top-/bottom- side drive) a.m. in chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

In this area the application of a gas-lubricated mechanical seal is recommendable because of its economy, high operating safety and the meeting of special requirements typical to the specific branch of industry. These requirements include sterility and exclude any leakage of barrier fluid into the product, a.o.
  Gas-lubricated mechanical seals differ from liquid-lubricated seals mainly in two points:
  • wider seal faces
  • grooves in seal faces
  By the special geometry of the grooves the (barrier) gas is condensed and leads to lift-off of seal faces.
CHETRAŽ gas-lubricated mechanical seals are available for operation dependent or independent of direction of rotation. CHETRA uses so-called "Omega"-groove segments ("pat." German utility model DGM 202 16587.6), that function in both directions of rotation and also effect a dependable seal at lower speeds. The later of which is often a requirement in sealing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry and applications.
Dry nitrogen or sterile air may be used as barrier medium.
  CHETRAŽ gas-lubricated mechanical seal: style 577G
style 581G
style 597G
  Inquiries please to: chetra@chetra.de
  Dry-running mechanical seals
  for mixers, agitators, reactors etc. with top drive

For several years the CHETRA conception of sealing with


dry-running single-acting mechanical seals

  has been fully proved and rendered economical by omission of double-acting mechanical seals and expensive supply systems.
  • single-acting
  • balanced
  • independent of direction of rotation
  • lying on the outside
Dimensions: 60, 80, 100, 125, 140, 160, 180 mm
(also in inches)

Vacuum - 5 bar
(acc. to shaft diameter)

t: -20 to 150°C
vmax: 2 m/s
  Materials: B2 Q2 M1 M2 G

Economical and reliable mechanical seal for sealing of gas blanket (top drive) of mixers and agitators.

Application of materials in correspondence with FDA.

Solid non-shrunk seal rings/ stationary seats with corresponding seal face geometry provide stable conditions at the seal faces, even with higher temperatures or temperature variations, ensuing low wear operation and long service life.