Mechanical seals according to design

Split mechanical seals
  We recommend application of split seal with the following conditions:
  • inaccessible location of pump or plant
  • high expenditure of assembly/ disassembly and
  • especially if large in diameter of shaft to be sealed
299 CHETRA split mechanical seal style 299 for applications with turbine pumps, tubular type pumps and axial-flow pumps (e.g. in cool water pumps of power stations) as well as Francis water turbines and Kaplan turbines (hydroelectric plants).
  • single-acting
  • balanced
  • split
  • independent of direction of rotation
  • multiple springs (protected)
  • stationary design
Dimensions: 50-650 mm
(also in inches)
pmax: vacuum up to 0.5 bar (absolute)
max. 25 bar
tmax: 120C
vmax: 10 m/s
  High-quality split seal, which goes beyond conventional split mechanical seal in the area of application.

Always adapted to the aggregate to be sealed.

Takes design into account and permits simpler assembly.

(preferred) materials: B2Q5-E/P/V-G1G1; s. material chart.