Dynamic Packings
for pumps, mixers and similar aggregates, partly for piston pumps

Packaging units: cartons of 1, 2.5 and 5 kg

  • synthetic yarn
  • PTFE dispersion
  • break-in lubricant
  • colour: white/beige
Dimensions: 4 - 25 mm square
(also in inches)
pmax: 20 bar
t: -50C...+260C
vmax: 15 m/s
pH rate: 2-12
  Economical general service packing



  • Aramid/Kevlar endless thread
  • PTFE dispersion and lubricant
  • colour: yellow


  • Aramid staple fibre
  • PTFE dispersion and lubricant
  • colour: yellow-beige
Dimensions: 4-25 mm square
(also in inches)
1744 1744UP
20 bar rotating/
250 bar alternating for piston pumps
t: -100C...+260C -50C...+280C
vmax: 25 m/s 20 m/s
pH rate: 2-12 1-13
  1744 - a highly wear resistant Aramid/Kevlar packing; we recommend the use of hardened shafts or protective sleeves (40-60 HRC).

1744UP - a "shaft protecting" universal packing based on flossy aramid staple fibres, sealed with a high percentage of PTFE dispersion and lubricant. 1744UP is also suited as bottom ring ("absorption of solids").

  • PTFE-graphite yarn combined with synthetic yarn
  • impregnated with a high percentage of lubricant
  • colour: black-grey/orange-red
Dimensions: 4-25 mm square
(also in inches)
pmax: 30 bar rotating (pump)
60 bar rotating (mixer etc.)
t: -100C...+280C
vmax: 20 m/s
pH rate: 0-14
  FMPA approval (FMPA = food stuff contact approval)

MULTISERVICE packing, wear resistant, long service life, "shaft protecting".

Due to good lubrication with certain "dry run characteristics", it is well suitable for agitators/mixers.

  • patented PTFE-graphite multifilament and GFO (T.M. W.L. Gore Assoc.) yarn
  • plus graphite lubricants and start-up lubricants based on silicone oil are processed as TEFARA (T.M. CHETRA) yarn conception into a high-quality multipurpose pump packing.
  • colour: black-grey
  • with reinforced edges: 1777HS
  • with paraffin-based lubricant (free of silicone oil): 1766
Dimensions: 4-25 mm square
(also in inches)
1777/T 1777HS
pmax: 25 bar 30 bar rotating pump
60 bar rotating mixer dgl.
bis +280C
vmax: 20 m/s 25 m/s

FMPA approval (food industry)

Multipurpose pump packing with excellent thermal conductivity and high chemical stability.

Style 1777HS with reinforced edges for a higher mechanical load incl. mixer applications.


  • PTFE-silk yarn packing with lubricant
  • use of 100% pure virgin PTFE yarn
  • colour: white
Dimensions: 4-25 mm square
(also in inches)
pmax: 15 bar
t: -100C...+280C
vmax: 10 m/s
pH rate: 0-14

Chemical packing, especially for applications for which no graphite particles are allowed (e.g. with oxidizing media).

High pliability - dense structure and good lubricating properties.

Main area of application: chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food industry.

Also a packing for fittings, suitable for air- and gas control valves.


  • graphited carbon yarn packing with MoS2 lubricant
  • colour: black
Dimensions: 4-25 mm square
(also in inches)
pmax: 25 bar
tmax: +400C
vmax: 25 m/s
pH rate: 2-12

The packing for the higher temperature range with excellent thermal conductivity.

Special areas of application: energy sector, petrochemical industry, hot water, heat transfer oils, hydrocarbons, hot gases etc. (Not suitable: with strong oxidizing materials).

Alternative: Pure graphite fibre packing with graphite powder dispersion for high temperature applications (max. 500 C; 10 bar): Typ1999.


  Saftey recommendations:
Packings that contain graphites like CHETRA 1777MS, 1777, 1777HS, 1766, 1799, 1799V, 1980, 1988(RS), 1990, 1990V, 1999 etc., cannot be used with strong oxidizing media, such as oleum, fuming nitric acid, gaseous flour and extremely strong solvents with a washing-out effect.
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