Pure graphite seals
CHETRATHERM® pure graphite packing rings
for pumps and fittings
CHETRATHERM® sealing tape
for maintenance
CHETRATHERM® pure graphite sealing sets
for fittings incl. "live loading"
CHETRATHERM® pure graphite bearing bushes
thin-walled bearing bushes for fittings, ball valves etc. - also with stainless steel sleeve
CHETRATHERM® pure graphite gaskets
with and without stainless steel metal sheet / pointed bar metal sheet insertion
CHETRATHERM® pure graphite/ carbon sealing systems
for ball valves incl. hard carbon shells
CHETRAFLEX® pure graphite spiral-wound gaskets
Technical Data
Operating temperature -200 to +550° C in air
+700° C with steam
+3000° C inert medium
Fireproofness Fire-safe test: short-time +1000° C
antistatic electrostatic charging eliminated
electrical conducting capacity: short circuit
chemical resistance pH rate: 0-14
practically resistant to all occurring chemicals except highly oxydizing media
for hot-cold operation - permanently elastic, no curing
- thus free of maintenance to a large extent
NUC/NQ- nuclear quality (99,9 %), free Cl: <10ppm
Outstanding features of CHETRATHERM® pure graphite and sealing elements made out of it are:
  • high compression ( up to 50%)
  • excellent reversal of stress conduct
  • permanent elasticity
  • safety of operation
  • free from maintenance for a long period of time
  • resistance in the high pressure / high temperature range
For detailed information on the individual products please inquire: chetra@chetra.de