Static/practically static packings
for fittings, slide valves, valves and similar aggregates, partly for piston pumps
  Packaging units: cartons of 1, 2.5 and 5 kg

PTFE-silk yarn packing with lubricant, especially for air- and gas control valves for details please see: 1780 dynamic pump packing

  • 100% PTFE packing
  • PTFE silk yarn and PTFE dispersion (dry);
  • colour: white
Dimensions: 4-25 mm square
(also in inches)
pmax: 250 bar (fittings)
500 bar alternating for piston pumps
tmax: +280C
pH rate: 0-14
  FMPA approval (food industry)

A "pure-white" 100% PTFE high-duty valve packing - very dense in its cross-section.

Preferred area of application: chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food processing industry - and generally with fittings.

In special design also for oxygen applications (200 up to C/20 bar max.); BAM approval (oxygen).

  • PTFE-graphite multifilament yarn with oil-free graphite dispersion
  • colour: grey
Dimensions: 4-25 mm square
(also in inches)
pmax: 300 bar
(steam: 60 bar)
t: -200C...+280C
pH rate: 0-14

Style 1799: as pure PTFE graphite yarn with BAM approval (oxygen) applications and FMPA (food) approval

Economic, long-life UNIVERSAL valve packing with high pressure and temperature resistance

Excellent heat conductivity and lubricating properties; minimum extrusion tendency

Main area of application: water, hot water, oils, steam, slurries, fuels and chemicals (not suitable for highly oxidizing media)


  • expanded graphite-foil braided packing with corrosion inhibitor
  • colour: black-grey
Dimensions: 4-20 mm square
(also in inches)
pmax: 150 bar
in chambers or reinforced (1988RS) also for higher pressure
t: -200C...+450C
(in steam:+650C)
pH rate: 0-14
Reinforced with inconel: style 1988RS

Economic graphite foil packing for high temperature = high pressure hot steam valves

Main area of application: fittings in the energy sector, petro chemical industry, chemical industry, power stations with steam, heat transfer oils, acids, alkaline solutions etc. (not suitable for highly oxidizing media)

Inquiries to factory before hot water applications or as bonnet seal

  • carbon yarn packing with inconel reinforcement
  • impregnated and with corrosion inhibitor
  • colour: grey-black
Dimensions: 4-25 mm
(also in inches)
pmax: 200 bar
tmax: +450C
pH-Wert: 2-12
  up to 550 C max. (without inconel): style 1990V

Dimensionally stable hot steam valve packing with high surface density.

Main area of application: energy sector - steam, hot gases, oils, hot water, heat transfer oils etc.

   Saftey recommendations:
Packings that contain graphites like CHETRA 1777MS, 1777, 1777HS, 1766, 1799, 1799V, 1980, 1988(RS), 1990, 1990V, 1999 etc., cannot be used with strong oxidizing media, such as oleum, fuming nitric acid, gaseous flour and extremely strong solvents with a washing-out effect.
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