Technical Maintenance Products (TMP)
  Delivery and packaging units:
400 ml spray cans (free of CFC)
12 cans per carton
10 l and 20 l cans
200 l barrels;

partly top brush cans (500 g) and cartridge cases (400 g)
  Corrosion prevention / Antiseize
C•G Cold galvanising
  • for repair of damaged patches - also on hot galvanised surfaces, e.g. at welds
  • protection against corrosion and primer for iron and steel; ideal for "instant" on- the- spot galvanising
  • applied as top coat or for subcoating; prevents or minimises subsurface rusting
C•G is effective as triple protection:
  • zinc coating application
  • when exposed to air oxygen, a zinc oxide protective layer is formed
  • in case of damage (scratches), more zinc oxide builds up
solvent-based product

M•S Moisture repellent
  • repells moisture and provides protection against corrosion even in close tolerances - for iron, steel and brass
  • effective protection up to 4 months with intermediate storage
  • prevents corrosion by fingerprints on machine guides, tools, bare metals
  • combined with compressed air for drying of electric plants out of operation in moist environments or after water damage
Removal of M•S is unnecessary for metal processing. In order to apply paint coat, surfaces must be pretreated with simple cleaner.

solvent-based product


Nickel antiseize
Non-metallic antiseize

Both products are high-quality assembly pastes and antiseize compounds against:

  • corrosion
  • galling (electrolysis)
  • heatseizing - even at very high pressures and temperatures
To be applied with:
all kinds of steel parts, stainless steel, copper, titanium, brass, aluminiumbolts, screws, tubes, bushings, press-fits, threads, threaded joints, plug-connections a.m.

N•A•S and AS•MF
  • facilitate disassembly operations and often renders reuse of parts possible
  • parting lubrication of heavily used patches with medium and high temperatures
Range of temperature :
as corrosion prevention (dry film): -180 ...+1425C (NAS)
  -10C...+1400C (AS MF)
as lubricant: -40C+200C
petroleum-based products

Lubrication products
KIS Chain pin bushing lubrication

For closest tolerances of chains of machinery, gear wheels, hoists, conveyers as well as for all applications which require light oil with excellent creep capability. Special application for suspension cables prevents corrosive wear.Load bearing capacity of film lubricant increases longevity and service life of maintained aggregates by reducing abrasion. Ensures both smoother operation and corrosion prevention by use of non-drying gliding film. We recommend the use of CHETRA® LUB for the final surface sealing.

Range of application: -23C up to +150C

petroleum-based product

LUB Surface lubricant

for chain drives, open gears, gear racks, wire ropes etc. This transparent surface lubricant resists high compression because of its high elastic viscosity and it is also water- and moisture-proof. Wear is reduced considerably by the "cushioning" between the moving parts. Further advantages of LUB are smoother operation, reduction of noise and corrosion prevention.
We recommend internal lubrication with CHETRA® KIS before sealing with LUB.

Range of application: 0C up to +125C

synthetic product

T•C PTFE Coating

for dry lubrication of smooth surfaces of metal, plastics, leather, wood, rubber, glass etc. TC increases sliding ability and at the same time protects surfaces. Range of application: specifically where oil and greasy lubricants cannot be applied, e.g. on drawers, slides, funnels, rollers, containers, tanks, molds, instruments etc.
The PTFE particles imbedded in the acrylic carrier film act - in addition to the gliding effect - as a protective coating against moisture, even to a certain extent against mild acids and lyes.

Range of application: -10C up to +120C

synthetic product

SIL Silicone lubricant

A liquid lubricant for wood, plastics, rubber, light metals; for lubrication of windows, drawers, hinges, slides, sliding doors, rollers, gears and much more.To be used for impregnation of textiles/ tents and as an ageing protecting agent, also for rubber parts.
Also applicated as a parting compound, e.g. in cold storage.Provides a long-lasting film lubricant even in humid environment, such as on lock gates, on ships, boats etc.

Wide range of application: -40C up to +200C

synthetic product

W•S White grease

Specifically for food processing and beverage industriesAlso particularly suited for pharmaceutical and textile industries. W•S is a high-quality multi-service grease for lubrication of spindles, guides and precision parts. Resists dilution by water, steam and fruit juices. Approved by the institute for Food Research & Biochemistry LGA Bavaria/ Germany (similar to FDA) to be used as lubricant in food processing industries.
W•S is practically odour- and tasteless, as well as transparent. Due to chemical resistance, parts treated with W•S are rustproof.

Wide range of application: -23C up to +150C

petroleum-based product

DE•LU Detergent lubricating oil

penetrates - cleans - frees

all types of machinery and instrument parts.
Particularly suited as "pneumatic oil" for maintenance service units. High loading capacity of lubricant film.
Detergents prevent clogging of dirt; anti-oxidants stop building up of calk. Therefore DE•LU is specifically suited for fine machinery and is a well fitting detergent light lube-oil for electric motors and other dynamically operating machinery and equipment.

DELU has an anti-static effect and effects cost savings by reducing wear.

Range of application: -23C up to +150C

petroleum-based product

Special maintenance products
SOLV Rust-solvent

Acid-free rust-solutizer, loosens rust and other deposits quickly and gently. Frees screws, nuts, bolts, fittings etc. Due to high penetrating quality SOLV releases rust, tar, gummy fats, dirt, carbon, graphite and other deposits.
SOLV provides gliding quality and short-time corrosion prevention.
By using the highly active compounds of SOLV, essential savings in time and ease of operation in the process of loosening "stuck" parts can be achieved. The loosened parts can often be reused again, thus improving economy.

To be applied in every workshop.

petroleum-based product

B•E•T Belt care dressing

for all V-, flat and round belts

Increases transmission power by up to 50% - thereby saving energy and increasing belt life.
BET is suitable for maintenance of belt drive of pumps, compressors, ventilators, generators, motor vehicles, industrial plants etc.
BET penetrates the belt material, thus preventing it from becoming brittle, from cracking and drying out. BET is resistant to water and prevents slippage of belt even in humid conditions. Suitable for woven, plastic, rubber or leather belts. BET is colourless. Saves costs by reducing belt replacements; diminishes operating noise.

solvent-based product

TA•CO Tapping and cooling compound

double-acting for tapping, drilling, milling, turning etc.
For all metals (except aluminium), even for high-grade alloys.
The double-acting effect is caused by the fast evaporating coolant, which eliminates frictional heat and by the lubricant, which facilitates the motion between tool and processed material.

Thus the working cycle is speeded up without the usual risk of fracture by overheating and "welding" of tools; the service life of tools is extended.

solvent-based product

SKM Tapping - cooling compound

Synthetic compound for cooling and lubricating in metal processing. To be used for turning, milling, grinding, drilling, sawing, (de)forming etc. of almost all types of metal and cast iron except magnesium. (Aluminium: caution with discolouration!). High-quality non-clouding product; rot-resistant, water-soluble, economical concentrate (with a dilution up to 30:1), with protection against corrosion.

SKM leads to reduction of heat production, lower machining forces, quicker dissipation of heat, thus improving tool service life and gauge accuracy.

- inflammable
- water-based product

T•P PTFE Thread-sealing paste

A flexible, non-curing thread sealing pastewith metal or plastic threads, especially for conical pipe threads. For cylindrical or very loose threads we recommend to add some hemp as carrier item. Connections sealed with T•P may be readjusted for one or two thread windings if necessary.
Suitable for sealing of many acids and brines, solvents, gases incl. propane, butane and nitrogen, as well as for coolants, air, steam, sea water, fuels (except application with oxygen or nitric acid and mixed acids). "Rot-resistant" PTFE particles prevent formation of decay.

PTFE-/solvent-based product

Industrial Cleaners
I•M•S Industrial cleaner

Environmentally sound multi-purpose cleaner for industry
Water-based; highly concentrated, operates up to a dilution of 30:1; for cleaning of everyday dirt such as oil, grease, mould, deposits on machine parts, tools, extractors, foils, walls, floors. Removes tapping compound and coolant residues successfully; also very successful in food industry, in shipping for bilge and against algae.
I•M•S is a multi-purpose cleaner, for metal components as well as for plastics, textile, acrylic glass, glass and rubber parts etc. (caution: degree of dilution!)

- biodegradable
- water-based product

S•C•R Low-foaming cleaner

Fast working, water-based, environmentally sound, highly concentrated (dilution up to 30:1) cleaner, particularly suited for applications in automatic ground-floor machines or for wiping, brushing, mopping and spraying.
To be used for wet mopping as well as for removal of polishes and for cleaning of oil and greas deposits, on plastic and metal surfaces (caution: with aluminium and white metals etc., discolouration possible). S•C•R is a practically non-foaming cleaner.

- biodegradable
- water-based product

CHETRATHENE High-performance cleaner

For metallic and non-metallic surfaces
Cleans residues of grease, oil, wax and glue in no time. Well suited for cleaning of brakes, clutches, molds, flanges etc. Evaporates without leaving residue; provides protection against corrosion at the same time. (Caution: may react with some plastics).
CHETRATHENE® can be used for difficult to access locations or in bulk for dipping processes.
CHETRATHENE® is a fast-acting, highly effective cold-solvent cleaner.

solvent-based product

MRS-Metal Repair Systems

Metal repair system

Liquid or knife-grade (spate) compound mass for repair

MRS 1/5 steel filler compound
MRS 2 liquid metal
MRS 3 aluminium filler compound
MRS TWIN liquid metal twin injection
  • For many applications, this system is the alternative to welding, soldering, repairing and mending faulty metal parts and plastics; compound filling of fractures and shrinkage cavities
  • Two component reaction resins with metal-like character
  • For repairing of change gear boxes, pipelines, containers, machine parts
  • non-shrinking curing - very good mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance afterwards
  • mechanically workable - by means of turning, milling, drilling, filing - with good compressive and impact strength
  • adheres to iron, steel, stainless steel, brass, galvanised steel, concrete, glass fiber, aluminium etc.
Product Description Product-no.  Capacity Operating time        workable after full dispersion    temperature stability           pressure resistance N/mm
        at room temperature    
CHETRA® TWIN liquid metal 900451   25 ml approx. 5 min. approx. 30 min. approx. 1 h -40C +120C 70
CHETRA® MRS 1/5 steel filler compound 900460 250 g approx. 15 min. approx. 1 - 2 h approx. 10 h -40C +120C 120
CHETRA® MRS 2 liquid metal 900465 250 g approx. 20 min. approx. 1 - 2 h approx. 10 h -40C +120C 120
CHETRA® MRS 3 aluminium filler compound 900470 250 g approx. 15 min. approx. 1 - 2 h approx. 10 h -40C +120C 120
CHETRA® MRS Products may be cured more quickly by heating.
Further information on request.